How to Find a Good Practitioner of Traditional Medicine

Getting what you really need

After weeks, months or years of searching for the perfect traditional healer, you finally discovered the best person to work with. You can’t wait to start working with her/him and begin your healing.

But wait. Be patient. This is a relationship you don’t want to rush into.

Why not? Because this kind of healing works on so many levels and is so powerful, you want to get more than the real deal. It needs to be your real deal. Not just somebody who has all the bells and whistles, but somebody who has what you really need.

Some essential questions

Ask yourself these questions before you dive in:

1) Are you getting suckered by your cultural biases and stereotypes?

2) Do you think the practitioner is excellent because of her/his cultural or ethnic background?

3) Do you think the practitioner is amazing because of her/his apparent gender?

4) Do you understand what you’re getting into when you begin this kind of a relationship?

5) Is there anything beyond money that is required in order to participate? Be clear on how far this goes and if you’re willing to go there.

6) Do you know anybody else who has worked with and has referred you to this practitioner?

7) What does your gut feeling say about this situation?

8) Will you do whatever it takes to heal?

9) What are you willing to give up and/or change for this healing to happen?

10) What can this practitioner do that you can’t do on your own?

11) Have you ever felt this way before?

The greatest adventure of your life

Going through this checklist can save you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and a lot of time-time that is critical when it comes to healing. It can also rescue you from the heartbreak of having your hopes dashed, your dreams crushed and needing to start all over again, this time head-shy from the experience of getting burned by the last healer.

Go through the checklist honestly and respectfully rather than with a suspicious attitude. You may discover some things about yourself that you didn’t know before. You also may wind up on the greatest adventure of your life, or catching the first plane back home to where you belong. Trust the process, what you discover and where it takes you.