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Min Jie Foundations Workshops

After teaching Chinese medicine students for several years, I have come to the conclusion that we need to focus on building our foundations as a prerequisite to moving forward with any more advanced classes.

Min Jie Foundations classes aren’t just for acupuncturists and herbalists. They are open to anyone who wants to attend, as the purpose of these classes is to empower each of us to develop our own powers of self-healing prior to healing others.

As class sizes are limited to ensure quality and authenticity, admission to our workshops is by application only. 



Truckee, California

Min Jie Foundations 1 

Min Jie Qi Gong

April 5 (evening)- April 7, 2024

Cost: $400.00 US


Min Jie Foundations 2

Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy for Self Healing and Development Part 1: The Way of Water

May 3 (evening)-May 5, 2024

Cost: $1200.00 US


Coming soon

Min Jie workshops in:


New York City


Mexico City Tenochtitlan DF

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