Studying the Min Jie System

The meaning of professional

The word ‘professional’ has many conflicting implications these days. On one hand, its traditional meaning was to get straight to the point, to be honest, forthright and always and only to do what you’re indicated to do as defined by the role of your profession. Yet the word ‘professional’ has also taken on a number of toxic and banal dimensions over the last number of years to include the opposites of its former meanings. Too often the game of being ‘professional’ has become a foil for greed, insincerity and deception on an unprecedented and intolerable scale.

This game has reached epic and terminal proportions in all fields of medicine.

Since this website is about honoring medical traditions, I want everything that happens here to completely align with the traditional meanings of the words tradition, medicine and professional.

Let’s get real

I’m going to be real with you in these pages. I’d rather get something authentic and worthwhile done instead of posturing and gesticulating, patting each other on the back and pretending that we did something of lasting value when in fact all we did was serve our own insatiable hunger for money, power, attention and winning. Winning that only serves to perpetuate the problems that we originally wanted to solve.

No, we’ll have none of that here.

I’m an experienced practitioner of Chinese medicine. I got lucky with my teachers and my clientele. Now I see a need and the opportunity to raise the level of what’s happening in our profession, so I’m here to do that.

I want to see you fulfilled in your medical profession on every level. Learning and practicing Min Jie medicine will pretty much take care of that.

But face it, if you’re a professional success and not a personal success, you’re not a success. So beyond having a successful business, I want you to have a successful life.

The Min Jie practices

People say there’s something mysterious about me. I don’t know why.

Maybe it's because I don’t care about social conventions. I think it's a good idea to break through all of that and do something truly revolutionary. Even though the emphasis at this website is on traditions, somehow what we’re doing here doesn’t seem to fit into any of the traditional boxes. Neither do I, and I suspect neither do you if you’re reading these words.

I only trust what I can see, hear, taste, smell and feel. Yet I’m focused on something other than the mundane. The Min Jie practices will take you out of the mundane. They will connect with you on other levels, in dreams, visions and meditations. They will open up a different world for you, a different way of learning, healing, practicing and being.

Min Jie students are doing something new, unfamiliar, unknown and ancient all at the same time. Confident yet humble, we’re not willing to put up with the insincerity and dehumanization in the world around us. We’re doing what we can to heal it.

Lifetime friends

I’m not coming to you as some Big Teacher or as the Ultimate Authority. I’m inviting you to come along with me and our fellow students to grow together for a lifetime, to become a part of a larger solution to some of the problems that people are too scared to deal with on their own.

I’ll do my best to be here for you and to explore along with you right by your side. It’s not easy to find somebody as dedicated as I am to practicing, healing and being healed. I invite you to do the same, to live it.

Experience has earned me some degree of authority. I’ve also been given some secrets  along the way and it’s time to share them with practitioners who want to explore and utilize them for everybody’s benefit.

What do we want our relationship to become? Lifetime friends and co-investigators who will say someday that we’re the ones that did it. We dared to break through the barriers and we achieved the impossible. Again and again.

If you want to know more about me and my brick and mortar medical practice, click here.

The Min Jie School