Submission Guidelines

Getting your work to the community

If you are a practitioner, teacher and/or researcher in the field of traditional medicines, wants to know about your work so we can help you get it out to our community.

To streamline this process, we’ve created a few guidelines to let you know what we want and what we don’t want:

Our Submission Guidelines

1) If your medicine primarily or exclusively focuses on using psychotropic substances to create cathartic interdimensional experiences, we respect your tradition if you practice it in a good way, but it’s best for you to promote it elsewhere. The reason is that psychedelic plant medicine and everything around it has been turned into such an industry that it is more than adequately covered in other places.

We’re focused on the other traditions. Practices that healers can learn to help themselves and the communities they serve. Things that people can use every day.

2) We are only interested in reports of actual effects of herbs and therapies and not testimonials or uses to treat modern disease entities and/or descriptions.

For example, we don’t want:

‘My uncle was healed from cancer from this herb!’

We do want:

‘Our experience and research has shown that this herb tends to send blood into the liver, thyroid and eyes with a cooling and detoxifying effect in these kinds of people, and to the genitals and left big toe in these kinds of people.’

Please let us know the details of your research and experimental process, they are important.

3) Traditional uses and qualities of herbs are also always welcome, but again please no modern Western physiological disease entities and/or descriptions.

For example, we don’t want:

‘This herb is for headache.’

The reason for this is that there are so many reasons a headache could be happening, and unless we know the actual qualities and effects of an herb we would never know when and how to use it or for what kind of headache.

What we do want is something like this:

‘This herb is traditionally used to treat cold wind and has warming, rising and dispersing qualities. It is never used in the summer months.’

4) If you are unethical in the practice of your medicine and/or in your life, we ask you to self-edit and stay well away from what we're doing here. This is your chance to steer clear before you get involved with what we do. If we discover unethical conduct after you get involved with us, rest assured that we will be the first and the loudest to announce it to our community and to the world. pays serious attention to ethics in the practice of traditional medicines.

5) If you’re just throwing a sales pitch for a product and/or service, please do it elsewhere.

6) If you and/or your tribe or group want to keep your medicine a secret, we completely respect that and will do everything to protect your right to keep it that way. We’re not asking, nor do we want you to share anything that you don’t want to share with the rest of the world. If you do want to share your medicine with us and others and you have the full consent and blessing of the elders and authorities of your tribe or group to do so, we’re here for you.

If you can follow all of these guidelines, be an adult and behave, then we're interested in learning about and promoting what you do.

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