The Min Jie Formulary Companion

The Min Jie Pharmacopoeia

The core of the current Min Jie teaching curriculum is The Min Jie Formulary Companion book series. This series forms an essential part of the Min Jie Pharmacopoeia series, which will contain the entire teaching of the Min Jie school surrounding traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Learning from the herbs themselves

Although I originally created The Min Jie Formulary Companion series to be the best possible clinical reference books, students have told me again and again that these volumes are also fantastic resources for studying Chinese herbs.

The reason is the unique and organic logic structure that forms the basis for this series. This novel yet classical internal organization allows us to observe and utilize the basic qualities of Chinese herbs from many different viewpoints. These contrasts teach us how to learn exactly how to use the herbs from the herbs themselves and how to apply them in many different, distinct and powerful ways.

A note of caution about The Min Jie Formulary Companion series

If you want to get anything from these books, you’ll need to actively engage with them in one or several ways. They are not for passive reading. Min Jie students come to my classes and become involved with my books because each one is a unique learning experience that gives them the benefits of years of clinical experience. They attain these benefits from their creative and active investigations of the Min Jie material.

Whether you study the Min Jie corpus with me or on your own, you’re only going to get out of it what you actively put into it.

Should I get the hard copy book or the ebook?

Everybody has her/his own style of study and practice. Some people like the convenience of searching the ebook for specific questions. Others like to let their mind and eyes wander across the hardcopy book’s pages to learn as much as possible from the broad structure of The Formulary Companion. I think it’s best to have both to give you the widest range of options and applications.

If you're taking Min Jie classes, you will definitely want hard copies of the books, because, well, we do things with them...

Due to the way that ebooks are formatted, if you choose only to get the ebook, you will miss out on many of the structural teachings of The Formulary Companion. So if you have to choose between one or the other, you’ll definitely get the most from the hardcopy version.

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