The Roots of the Min Jie School

An exploration of relationships

I’m a synthesist. Maybe it’s because that’s what I am genetically. I come from several ethnic cultures and grew up in a time and place that were proudly acultural. So I had to search to find and make meaning, a context for myself to live in and a code of conduct to live by.

The main synthesis that I’m teaching with the Min Jie school comes from my two primary teachers of Chinese medicine, Dr. Lai Yat Ki and Dr. Richard Teh Fu Tan. Although these two men never knew each other, I learned something fascinating over my long education and friendships with them: This was that my studies with one helped me to understand the teachings of the other and vice-versa. Decades of exploration into these relationships and their practical clinical applications led me to develop what would become the roots of the Min Jie school.

Fabric of the vision

I’ve had the immense good fortune to study with a number of great teachers and medical practitioners at a time when the doors to the old world were closing and these masters were moving along into the realms of their ancestors. As time has continued, life experience has shown me that this original process of the synthesis of two is expanding to a synthesis of three, four and ultimately ten thousand teachings.

This is the actual fabric of Emperor Huang Di’s global vision of world health and healing that I hope to continue through the Min Jie school and

Living it

My own synthesis and healing continue ever onward, as I suspect they always will, through exploring my own Greek, Alpine and Nordic cultural and ethnic roots. Although Chinese medicine has been the vehicle for my initial studies, professional training and practice, the healing it has prompted has taken me back to my own diverse origins to listen, do my own healing and practice, and to do my part in our collective world healing through using and augmenting the art of Chinese medicine in the best ways I can.

The only way to validate this process is by living it.

I’m here doing it and I invite you to do the same.

In your own way.

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