Why the
Min Jie School is Different

Personal development

The Min Jie School is different from other schools of Chinese medicine because we focus primarily on the personal development of our students rather than their professional development or the acquisition of certificates.

Min Jie students are involved in our classes, workshops and other adventures because they want to be, not because they have to be to get academic credit toward a degree or keeping their license current.

Close to the core

The Min Jie School is an international group of friends and true allies who explore the world of Chinese medicine together. We have no affiliations or associations with political or professional organizations related to the practice of Chinese medicine. This way we can remain close to the authentic core of what Chinese medicine is and remain free from what any of these governing bodies may require of professional practitioners.

There are many aspects of Chinese medicine that we can benefit from just because they are interesting and enjoyable. These dimensions cannot and will never be governed by anyone outside of its group of genuine practitioners. These practitioners are the ones who always have and always will keep the true spirit of Chinese medicine alive.

This is who we are and is the difference and the dedication of the Min Jie School.