Questions Answered About the 
Min Jie Foundations Workshops


Q: Can I take the Min Jie Foundations workshops if I’m not an acupuncturist or Chinese medicine practitioner?

A: Yes. Anybody can take our Min Jie Foundations classes and workshops.

Q: Can I take the Min Jie Foundations workshops if I don’t have any experience with qi gong or know anything about it?

A: Yes. The less you know, the better.

Q: How do I know if the Min Jie Foundations workshops are right for me?

A: If the Min Jie Foundations workshops are right for you, you will feel a kind of primal hunger to come, participate in them and practice what you learn.

Q: How do I know if the Min Jie Foundations workshops are not right for me?

A: If you have any ambivalence whatsoever about taking these trainings, don’t sign up for them.

Q: When is the best time to take the Min Jie Foundations trainings?

A: Only you can know when the best time is for you to do these trainings. Life is full of complex factors. Those factors will keep on coming until the moment you make an unconditional and uncompromising decision to do these trainings and begin your practice. Once you make your decision to do it, everything will become simple.

Q: Are the Min Jie Foundations workshops rigorous? Do I need to be in good physical shape to participate?

A: Min Jie Foundations workshops are not spa weekends by any means, nor will they challenge you beyond your physical abilities. Prepare to work your edges and put sincere effort into creating the best foundation you can. These workshops are just the beginning of a long and fruitful self-healing journey. Like any other kind of training, it’s best to have a long-term mindset.

Q: Why does the Stone Needle workshop cost so much?

A: Because everything costs so much and the circle of life must continue. For the price of a few healing sessions, you will gain a lifetime of self-healing and exploration, wonder and amazement, and we will all get to keep teaching and participating in the Min Jie workshops, classes and practices for many years to come.

Q: Do I need to take both of the Min Jie Foundations workshops or can I just take one?

A: The two parts of the Min Jie Foundations workshops are two sides of the same coin: Min Jie Qi Gong helps us learn how to build and consolidate our Jing, Qi and Shen. Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy helps us learn how to explore and refine our Qi and sensitivity and go on a forever deep dive into our own body and bioenergetic matrix.

Q: How should I prepare to take the Min Jie Foundations workshops?

A: There’s no special preparation you need to make before the workshops, but you will want to be prepared to learn a lot and practice what you learn in a consistent and practical way. Then what you learn will really sink in and be there for you for the rest of your life.

The best preparation is to be sincere about what you’re going to learn, take it seriously and practice it diligently with respect. Otherwise there’s no point in investing your time, money or attention into it.

You’ll also want to prepare to challenge and change yourself and your life and be willing to make those changes and keep making them as the time for them to change ripens and matures. If you aren’t wanting and willing to challenge, change and improve yourself, Min Jie Qi Gong is not for you.

Q: Is there any danger in taking the Foundations classes?

A: Yes. These workshops could be among the most dangerous things you can possibly do. Min Jie Foundations training requires you to go completely against society’s headlong rush toward infinite stimulation and total destruction. Our training asks you to drop all of that social momentum and simply face who you are again and again in a complete absence of drama and overstimulation. It encourages you to recognize many or all of the things that you would rather not discover about yourself and work through them on every level.

There’s also a real danger that you might face losing interest in participating in what the other people in your current community are most enthusiastic about.

There’s real danger in discovering how empty and annoying the constant barrage of toxic information that is what the world has become is and exactly how it can make you sick. (Fortunately you will also learn how to mitigate those things as much as possible!)

There’s real danger in discovering that many of the things you’ve deeply believed since you were a child were not such a good idea in the first place and that those ideas didn’t come from you, they are not yours and if you want to truly move forward in your life, you may want to let some or all of that go.

The greatest danger of all is probably in not taking these workshops and doing this work. That choice is yours to make.

Q: How is Min Jie Qi Gong different from any of the other qi gong systems out there?

A: There are thousands of different styles and forms of qi gong available to us at this time. Many of them are beneficial to some degree, but very few emphasize, teach or transmit the essential foundations of where qi gong systems come from at their root. Building this foundation and learning how to apply it is where Min Jie Qi Gong excels. Once you have the foundation that practicing Min Jie Qi Gong provides, you can plug any other form of qi gong you like into it and really have something you can play and have fun with and benefit from. Without that foundation, nothing much can happen.

Q: What’s so special about the techniques that you’re teaching around the Min Jie Stone Needles?

A: Chinese medicine is a tremendously complex system of understanding and practices regarding the human body and its deep connections to all of the kingdoms of nature, the Earth itself and the cosmos. The system of Chinese medicine is so complex that it takes an entire lifetime to study, practice and learn it well. Even then, we can only scratch the surface of what’s there.

Even though it’s so complex, there are ways to cut through nearly all of the theory around Chinese medicine and get to the core of what it really is. That’s what the Min Jie techniques are. Anybody can learn and become competent enough in these techniques over the course of the two workshop weekends to begin a very satisfying and productive lifelong journey of self-discovery and healing. That’s exactly what the Min Jie Foundations workshop provides for you.

Q: What’s so special about the Min Jie Stone Needles?

A: The Metal needles we use in acupuncture today are the products of industry and an industrial mindset that is going extinct. Like many things industrial, they are impersonal, homogenous and predictable.

Min Jie Stone Needles come directly from the Earth and are not worked or physically finished. They are exactly what Paleolithic doctors used in their medicine. Each Min Jie Stone Needle is completely unique and can be used in a variety of ways. When we use them it trains us to go into a pre-primal mindset, a mindset that is focused on healing, the personal, what is heterogeneous, unique and indeterminate.

Q: Couldn’t we just use anything as a tool to stimulate our acupuncture meridians?

Sure we can. Each substance has its own unique properties, qualities and effects and we can use any of them in the right place at the right time. 

The difference is that Min Jie Stone Needles are made from the exact same material and have the same structure as the original Paleolithic stone needles. We know this because archaeologists have found many of these needles in shamans’ graves not just in China, but in a number of other locations around the world as well. Those ancient shamans had access to using many other materials in their healing work, but they consistently chose to use the same stone needles that we use for the Min Jie Stone Needles. 

There was a reason those shamans did what they did. When you consistently use the Min Jie Stone Needles for your own self-healing and development, you’ll begin to understand exactly why…

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