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Consolidate your foundation

Without a strong foundation, we have no basis for health.

Many people hold an assumption that they have some kind of natural right to live forever in perfect health regardless of their lifestyles and behaviors. This is not right thinking. Some people are born and/or raised with better foundations than others, but sooner or later we all need to pay attention to, learn about and consolidate the foundation of our health and well-being by making basic decisions about our lifestyles and taking action to clean it up on all levels.


Build and maintain a solid foundation

The Min Jie School is different from other Chinese medicine schools in that we require our students to build and maintain a solid foundation throughout their studies and practice of Chinese medicine both personally in their self-healing and professionally in helping others if they choose to go that route and are able to do so.

Foundation is the basis of everything we do in life. Until we get our foundation right, nothing else will go completely right. Once we consolidate and prioritize our foundation, nothing else will go completely wrong.


Our Foundational Practice

Foundational work at the Min Jie School consists of one practice in two forms:

Min Jie Qi Gong

Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy for Self-Healing and Development


Building Skills

If you want to become a Min Jie student and/or practitioner, these practices will need to become hardwired daily routines for you. The skills you develop by doing the Min Jie Foundational work every day are the basis of all the other work we do. Without this foundation, other Min Jie practices would become empty, meaningless and average.

Training for these skills can only happen in person in the context of our small-group workshop events. Once you receive this training and can embody it in a substantial way over time, you may become eligible for invitation to further studies, which happens by invitation only.

Min Jie Foundations workshops occur twice a year in Northern California, and other locations globally...

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