A Special Note for
Health Care Practitioners


A world of Qi in your own body

The mysteries of Chinese medicine appear opaque from the outside.

Volumes of theory and commentary obscure the simple and essential biological and numerological truths that are the foundation of what Chinese medicine is built upon.

If you truly want to learn about Chinese medicine, the quickest, easiest and most direct way is to go straight into the deep end of this foundation by exploring the world of Qi in your own body.

Navigating the world of Qi

The Min Jie Foundations workshops are a safe, efficient and stable way to jump directly into your exploration of Qi. You’ll walk away with a systematic methodology to continue to build, develop and refine your Qi and have a basis to begin working with others once you’ve had further advanced training and can consistently demonstrate integration and proficiency.

Whatever your professional modality might be, learning how to navigate the world of Qi will dramatically and fundamentally improve the quality and effectiveness of the healing interactions you have with your patients.

Clean, maintain and develop your own Qi

Learning these methods will also help you to clean, maintain and develop your own Qi on a daily basis- the most essential components of surviving and thriving in a long-term health care practice.

Whether you do it for yourself, your patients or both, the Min Jie Foundations workshops are your direct ticket to a healthier and more interesting future as a health care practitioner…

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