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Quality of life

With each technological advance we also lose something.

We lose a bit of quality of life.

All those bits of quality that we’ve lost along the way are exactly what we need to retrieve right now to heal ourselves, our communities, nations and planet.

How are we going to retrieve them?


Original practices

We need to go back. All the way back to the indigenous origins of medicine and healing. 

The root of all medicine is paleomedicine.

Paleomedicine isn’t just about a diet. It’s about living and participating in original practices that have existed for tens of thousands of years and are deeply embedded in our shared history and collective memory, wherever we come from.

This is something that goes much deeper than culture and ethnicity.


Reconnecting with our biological origins

The contemporary practice of paleomedicine is about reconnecting with our biological origins and allowing those origins to nourish, protect and guide us through life and the man-made mayhem of this world.

What are these original practices and how do we live them?


Pre-primal roots

Min Jie Qi Gong is a foundational way to build, consolidate, harmonize and refine our energy to get back to our biological origins and the pre-primal roots of our being. Then we can use that energy to do whatever we want to do- most practically to reinvest it again and again to heal ourselves and make ourselves strong in ways that no other form of exercise can do.

If you already have plenty of energy to do all the things you want to do, the consolidating and harmonizing dimensions of Min Jie Qi Gong will help you to integrate and optimize your energy so that you’ll do your life better than ever.


A path of regeneration

Whether you have energy or not, modern life is full of natural and unnatural challenges that compromise your time, energy and resources, sometimes to your limits and beyond. Min Jie Qi Gong is a way to make all that disappear-for a while- and get you onto a path of regeneration. 

Plus it can help you to prepare to do more advanced healing work on yourself and eventually others if that is your calling, and perhaps someday begin to explore the extraordinary world of Empty Force.


Retrieve your vitality

If you’re already in a healing profession, you know that it’s essential to do work every day to keep your energy clear and strong. Min Jie Qi Gong is an excellent way to do this work to retrieve and enhance your vitality and help you to develop into a better healer.


Doing the work

When we work with a healer, much of the time we go for a passive healing. That means the healer does something to us to create a healing effect and hopefully we improve.

Passive healing can only take us so far. There’s a yin and a yang to everything, including healing. Some aspects of healing are passive. Others need to be more active, meaning we need to be doing the work ourselves. Min Jie Qi Gong is a fantastic active healing exercise that is brilliantly designed to optimize health, healing and longevity by taking us deep into the pre-primal roots of paleomedicine…

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