The History of Min Jie Qi Gong


Developing power

Each school of martial arts has its strengths and weaknesses. Any group of people that gets together to focus on something for a period of time ends up going unconscious in certain areas due to the siloing, self-reinforcing and self-congratulatory dynamics of human behavior in groups. 

Whenever we develop power in one area, we lose it in another.


Developing depth

Systems like MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) aim to take the best parts of different systems to create a super-system. This idea is an important development in martial arts, yet it also has the potential disadvantage of being so broad in scope that its practitioners may not develop the kind of depth that siloing in one system can offer.


Developing sensitivity

Another challenge with practicing martial arts is that if we exclusively develop power it can exaggerate personality deficiencies and eccentricities which can lead to an unbalanced character over time. This is why it’s important to develop sensitivity along with power as well as having a strong moral compass.

In the past this moral compass was provided by religion, culture, language and the wisdom of elders in the community. The extinction of these social containers presents us with a strong set of challenges to our well-integrated positive development.

The main problem with only training for sensitivity is that it can get too soft, illusory and easily overwhelmed if it isn’t tested and challenged on a regular basis.


Grow and refine

Martial training requires sensitivity training if it is to develop. Sensitivity training requires martial training if it is to develop. Both need moral, linguistic and cultural containers to thrive. Each of these containers also needs to have interaction with other containers that hold differing moral, linguistic and cultural values in order to test, challenge, grow and refine each other.


Using the skills

Min Jie Qi Gong stands in constancy at the center of all these forces, challenges and opportunities. Gathering only with enough frequency to avoid many of the trials and obstacles presented by human group dynamics, we ensure that our students are primarily solo practitioners who enjoy and benefit from regular yet infrequent meetings with others.

The international focus of our group assures a good mixture of moral, linguistic and cultural differences that prevent us from hardening or siloing into any particular direction.

Most importantly, the focus of our practice is on using the skills that we build for the purposes of our own healing and self-development.


Serious students

Suitable for serious students of any age or ability, Min Jie Qi Gong is the perfect complement for today’s busy lifestyles and daily demands. There are no celings, floors or walls to our practice, only doorways…

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