What is Min Jie Qi Gong?


The core practice of the Min Jie school

Min Jie Qi Gong is a synthesis of dynamic principles taken from a number of martial disciplines including:

Yu’s Gong Fu

Xin Yi Chuan

Ba Gua Zhuang


Dr. Richard Tan’s Qi Cultivation Practices

Qi Gong

Yang style Tai Qi Chuan

and Dao Yin.


The structure for a long, fertile

and enjoyable life

The seemingly simple Min Jie practices are easy to learn, and explore an entire spectrum of stillness, movement and integration principles. They also provide the structure for a long, fertile and enjoyable life of practice and development.

Min Jie Qi Gong is the core practice of the Min Jie school. We use it to build, develop, and integrate our Jing, Qi and Shen with the aim of healing, health and self-cultivation…

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