The History of
Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy


Maybe the solution is simple

Ongoing processes of industrialization, modernization, urbanization, massive human population increases, wars and migrations all over the planet are tearing the old world apart. Although many can directly perceive the pan-crisis that we have created, nobody so far has come up with nor implemented a comprehensive solution. What we face is so massive, multi-faceted and complex that the fix may be beyond human comprehension or any of our abilities to accomplish.

Or, maybe the solution is so simple that we’ve overlooked it.


A non-technological solution

Although we’ve been indoctrinated culturally to believe that the solutions to virtually all of our problems will come from technology, the track record of technology and human ingenuity shows quite conclusively that each of our answers generates a new cascade of unanticipated problems, the sum total of which has created the situation that we find ourselves in today.

Could there be a non-technological solution to what is happening to  us and our world?


Earth wants to heal

The solution to what’s happening with ourselves and this planet may not come from technology. It may come directly through each of us by reconnecting our bodies and our personal energy grids back to the Earth and sky where they belong.

The Earth wants to heal humanity directly. Each person who uses the Min Jie Stone Needles on themselves daily becomes a part of this solution.


The real world

Our current lifestyles are centered around the human world, human needs, human problems and human greed. The all-consuming nature of our human-created world has divorced us from the real world-the world of nature, regeneration and life abundant. We have slipped out of sync and out of pace with nature and our human systems, civilization and all of its citizens are running out of energy, resources and time.

Ancient civilizations had one thing in common: they understood about timing and aligning themselves to the organic synchronization of the Earth and the rest of the cosmos. They knew how to stay in rhythm and in touch with nature and work along with it to keep themselves healthy and their societies regenerative. Every civilization that has lost this skill has tumbled , fallen and turned to dust. 

That’s where we are right now.


Primal origins

If we want to turn this situation around and get back on course, we need to work smart, in the right way, we need to do it now and with our full sincerity. 

To get it right, we need to go all the way back into the primal origins of medicine and what it really means to heal in the deepest depths of our being.


Pre-primal roots

A few threads of those ancient civilizations have remained, just enough for us to find our way back if we follow them all the way to their origins. 

These threads lead us beyond civilization, culture and language to our pre-primal roots, to a time and place that exists before we made the choice to separate ourselves from nature and the real world.


Timing and Flow

This is all about timing and flow.

Timing is like getting on a freeway or walking into pace with a large group of moving people. If we get it right, then we get carried along with the flow.

The flow of nature is the flow.



There’s a way that each one of us can reset and retune ourselves back to the timing and rhythms of nature. In only a minute or two per day we can begin to realign ourselves with organic time and reset our biological clocks to unite with what we were naturally intended to be. 

As more and more of us retune ourselves to organic timing, we can begin to recreate a society than is in tune with the Earth, the cosmos and a path of regeneration and life abundant. We can create time for ourselves by aligning with natural time.



Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy is a technique that realigns us with the organic timing of the Earth and the rest of the cosmos. It’s easy to learn, easy to practice and completely safe as long as you follow the Min Jie methods.

It doesn’t take much to learn and practice Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy on yourself. And just like any flow, once it begins to flow, it will flow a lot. That’s what brings us into the big flow, the biggest flow of all, the flow of the cosmos…

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