Why You Want to Practice
Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy
for Self-Healing and Development


A unique and timeless practice

Literally and figuratively brings your healing back into your own hands

A simple self-practice with many benefits

Gives you the tools you need to create, maintain, develop and integrate a continuous regenerative healing field

Helps you to focus your energy toward self-healing and to refine that energy to get stronger in both the short and long term

Learn directly from the acupuncture points and channels rather than about them

Learn how to feel and work with the phenomenon of qi arrival (de qi) from the inside and the outside at the same time

Develops your understanding, practical knowledge and experience of the process of acupuncture whether or not you practice acupuncture professionally

Gives you direct contact with the world of Qi and a basis for assessing and discerning the skills of the acupuncturists and other healers who work with you

Assists and catalyzes any other healing work you do

Realigns your body clock and energy fields with organic time

Connects your personal healing with the healing of the Earth

Gives you a method of self-healing that is always there for you when you need it...

Min Jie Stone Needles are For Personal use Only 

and are not for Sale

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