Why You Want to Practice
Min Jie Qi Gong


Core practice

Min Jie Qi Gong is the core practice of the Min Jie school. It provides the basis for all the other work we do.


Min Jie Qi Gong Features

No commitments, schedules, demands, belts, expectations, apps, newsletters, subscriptions or monthly fees

Go at your own pace, explore as much or as little as you choose

Creates a strong and very real basis for your ongoing healing, health and development

A natural doorway to deepen and improve many other practices

A natural doorway to get away from many other practices

Cleans and consolidates your energy field

Strengthens, develops, harmonizes and integrates your Jing, Qi and Shen

Small group size assures personal attention and instruction

Is the starting point for more advanced Min Jie studies...

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Questions Answered About the Min Jie Foundations Workshops

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