What is
Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy?


Original acupuncture

Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy is a resurrection of the original form of acupuncture that was used during Paleolithic times in what is now China and several other parts of the world.

Practicing Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy for self-healing and development involves learning how to use stone needles that are naturally formed from the same material as the original Paleolithic stone needles. The stone needles are placed in a systematic way on specific parts of the body with varying amounts of pressure, motion, stillness, intention and non-intention.

Min Jie Stone Needles do not puncture the skin.


Primal connections

Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy powerfully activates the Wei qi, or protective qi, to come to the surface of the body to both activate and consolidate our acupuncture channels and promote whole-body healing.

Stone Needle effects are very different from what society now calls acupuncture. Many people prefer its effects to modern acupuncture. Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy is a form of healing that reaches all the way back to the origins of medicine and our primal connections with the heavens, the earth and each other.


Heal yourself

Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy is easy to learn, completely safe when used as directed and puts you back in touch with your own natural abilities to heal yourself, be happy, healthy and as vitally aligned as you can possibly be from moment to new moment…

Min Jie Stone Needles are For Personal use Only 

and are not for Sale 

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