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Focus on foundations

The main strength of the Min Jie school is our insistence and focus on foundations.

Foundations don’t just mean basics. They mean that we consistently return to the basis and living roots from which all of our techniques are born. This honoring is what keeps the Min Jie school and its students alive, thriving and on their growth edge.

Min Jie foundations are essential for our students, patients and practitioners because all of us are all of these.


Integrate and incorporate

Without a strong foundation it is very difficult to heal, be and remain healed. The reason is that even if the most brilliant healer works on you, if you don’t have a structure to continue to work with that healing and integrate it into your being, it vanishes into thin air.

Integration and incorporation of our healing into our lives and the real world is essential for anything beneficial to really happen with our healing. Otherwise we just remain stuck in a passive, addictive cycle with our healers and within ourselves. That is not healing, it is perpetuating illness.


Root, power and sensitivity

On the other hand, when we have a solid, well-connected foundation we’re able to absorb and incorporate our healing and continuously move it forward. 

There are three elements to a strong foundation: root, power and sensitivity. The best ways to develop each of these elements consistently and in a balanced way are contained in the two Min Jie Foundations workshop events:

Min Jie Qi Gong

Gives you the techniques to begin to build, explore, develop and integrate your Jing, Qi and Shen

Min Jie Stone Needle Therapy for Self-Healing and Development

Gives you the ability to begin to refine and focus your integrated Qi for self-healing and further development.


A solid basis

Through active cultivation of power, integration and sensitivity we can build a solid basis for a clear-minded daily practice that will lead us in the truest way to develop, embody and live out our best potentials.

That’s what being a Min Jie student is all about.

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